Womens Week 2 at SW&WC

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Hey girlfriends!! 
Sandra, Cristina and Nadine are organizing the perfect plan for the women who love waterskiing. 

From April 27th to May 1st

Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex

2 Sets per day [ALL LEVELS]
Facial Treatment
Skiing Photoshoot
Charming hotel
Transportation all day with 24 hours support
Great atmosphere

Contact us as soon as possible, you won't regret it.
It will be the Event of the year.


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Our season beautiful Team Editions SKI NAUTIQUE´s powered by the new #PCM HD 6.2 are looking for a new home. 

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PM at for details.


Sesena's International Slalom 2017


2017 Seseña´s International Slalom is over.

49 skiers from 14 countries skied in this International Calendar tournament that with a perfect set up and a record breaker Ski Nautique 200, brought an awesome skiing level, 23 PB´s and 4 National Records (pending), a Spanish Open Record by Sandra Botas with 1.00@10.75, a New Zeland Open Record by Jaime Metcalfe with 1.5@10.75, a Swedish S3 Record by Thommy Bergstrom with 3.25@11.25 and UK S4 Record by Jonathan Cohen with 0.5@10.75.

Special mention to our 2 skiers, Nadine and Sandra Botas, both of them skied PB´s. Nadine scored 5@11.25 and Sandra 1@10.75 for a Spanish Open Record. So well deserved!!

Thanks everybody skiing in it, great having you all here, you´ve made it worth and big. Congrats to all you running new PB´s.

Thanks all officials coming, you´ve made an amazing job making everything look easy. 

Special thanks goes to Nautique for their support and for the Ski 200, best ski boat ever. 

Can´t end with a big shoutout to the Seseña´s Waterski & Wakeboard Complex team effort, setting up a beautifully organized tournament, running everything smooth, in time and in good weather, building a great atmosphere and them jumping in the water and driving. 

Hope to see you all next year´s edition.



Sesena's International Slalom, 30 September - 01 October 2017


The Sesena's International Slalom tournament will take place this weekend at Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex.

With more than 14 nationalities competing in this International 4 Round slalom event.

As always at Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex 2 record breaker Ski Nautique 200, best ski boats tow in the World, will tow the tournament. 

The tournament will start at 8:30 Saturday and Sunday

Good luck.


Great performance from Sandra Botas at the European's Final


In the Slalom Final of the European Open Championship, our skier Sandra Botas made 2.00 @ 11.25 , half a buoy of the podium. She tied with 5 more skiers, ending up in 7th position due the semifinals scores.

With this European, Sandra has done 7 finals in a row in the Open Category.

We want to congratulate her once again, we are really proud of her performance and we know the best is yet to come. Watch out!



European Youth & Young Championship at SW&WC

Best u14, u17 and u21 European skiers will meet at SW&WC.

Best  skiers from all over Europe will meet all together at Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex. to participate in the Youth & Young Europe Waterski Championships to be held August 2nd to 6th
Over 230 participants representing more than 27 countries will compete in slalom, tricks, jumps and overall. 

Preliminaries will take place on August 2nd, 3rd and 4th while the finals of the 3-event competition will take place on Saturday and Sunday, August 5th and 6th.


Iván Morros gets 1st at the 2017 Nautique Big Dawg World Tour - Stop 3 / SW&WC

Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex hosted this past weekend, the third stop of the 2017 Nautique Big Dawg World Tour Stop 3 presented by O'Brien.

With two stops in USA, two stops in Europe and the finals in USA, the Nautique Big Dawg has get to be the +35 worlds waterski premier tour. Skiers from 11 different countries across three continents (Europe, Africa & North America) and Officials from 5 countries, met in Seseña for a place in the final.

In a final thrilling head to head, Sesena's skier Iván Morros got through three heats and had to ski against Jeremie Newby Ricci in the finals pairing. Ivan won gold with 2@10.25, leaving the silver medal for Jeremie with 0.5@10.25

Our team skier Sandra Botas, beat the spanish National Record with 5 buoys at 11.25 at the Seseña´s Summer Slalom.

What an awesome team we have!!

You can have a look at your pictures at our photographers web Ismael Herrero.

Want to thank all skiers, officials and sponsors for the great support received. Specially thanks to our friend Michael de Mello for the incondicional support and to Nautique for believing in us.

Womens week at SW&WC

We love to share our passion for waterskiing and see people improve. Womens week is here, let's share some memories and have fun together. 
For more information

Season is over at SW&WC

Another great year is coming to an end, we want to thank you all for trusting us one more year and helping us, specially to Nautique family for their support and for providing us with the best boats in the market. Hope to see you all again next year and to see new faces around.

We will be back in the water march 2017, bookings are open.

One of this season boats is for sale, if you are interested please send us a message.

We are happy to announce our 2017 Sesena´s Tournament Calendar:

     > 30 June - 1 July: Sesena´s Summer Slalom (4 rounds)
     > 1-2 July: Nautique Big Dawg World Tour (2 rounds + head to head finals)
     > 2-6 August: Youth European Championships
     > 30 Sept - 1 October: Sesena´s International Slalom (4 rounds)

Now that Christmas is around the corner surprise your friends and family with a different gift, the Sesena Waterski & Wakeboard Complex Gift Card.

See you in the water.

Seseña´s International Slalom 2016

2016 Seseña´s International Slalom is over.

45 skiers from 13 countries skied in this International Calendar tournament that with a perfect set - up, brought us an awesome skiing level and lot of pb´s.

Thanks everybody skiing in it. Been great having you all here, you made it worth and big. Congrats to all you running new PB´s.

Ivan Morros and Carlo Allais ran 3@10.25 in their respective categories.

Thanks all officials coming. Thanks for your amazing work, you made everything look easy.

Special thanks to Nautique for their support and for the Nautique 200, best ski boat ever.

Can´t end with a big shoutout to the Sesena´s team big effort, forgetting about "mañana" to set up a beautifully organized tournament, running everything in time and in good weather, building a great atmosphere and then jumping in the water. 

Hope to see you all next year´s edition.


Iván Morros World Over 35 Champion at SW&WC

The last finals of the World Over 35 Championships were celebrated today.

Our skier, Iván Morros, is the NEW WORLD CHAMPION with an amazing score of 2 buoys at 10.25. So deserved, we want to congratulate him not only for the title but for the hard work, dedication and all the passion he puts in.  

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support and believing in us. It has ben tough but worth it to see our team on the podium. 

Finally we would like to thank all of the skiers for coming, the officials for their hard work and our staff for an impecable job.

Many thanks.


First finals - Worlds Over 35 Championships

Today the first finals of the Worlds Over 35 Championships took place at Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex. 

Our skier, Cristina Medem, got 5th at her category with 4 buoys at 13 meters. 

We want to congratulate her, for the hard work and dedication. We know its not the result she was looking for but all our respect.

Tomorrow the rest of the finals will take place at 9:00. Our skier, Iván Morros, will compete in one of the finals. 

All the best, come on team!!!


Slalom preliminaires - Worlds Over 35 Championships at SW&WC

The men slalom preliminaries were held today. The conditions during the day made for awesome results.

Our skier, Iván Morros made the finals, seeded first with a score of 1.00 @ 10.25.

The men slalom finals will be held on Sunday.

Our Cristina Medem will compete tomorrow at her finals.

Let's go team!!! You are already our winners.


First day - Worlds Over 35 Championships at SW&WC

Today the World Over 35 commenced with preliminary rounds of slalom, tricks and jump at Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex, where 200 athletes representing 28 countries competed for position in finals, behind the spectacular Ski Nautique 200.

Our skier Cristina Medem made the  cut and will be present in the slalom finals on Saturday. We are really happy.

Come on!!