Best +35 World skiers will meet at SW&WC

Best +35 World skiers meet at SW&WC

Best +35 skiers from all over the World will meet all together at Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex. to participate in the Worlds Over 35 Championships to be held September 14th to 18th
Over 200 athletes representing more than 28 countries will participate in slalom, tricks, jumps and overall. 
Spain will be represented by team of 4 skiers: Cristina Medem, Iván Morros, Dani Teixidor and Ana Castañeda.

Preliminaries rounds will take place on September 14th till September 16 while the finals of the 3 events will take place Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th.

An event you can’t miss.


Finals European & Africa +35 Championships

podium cris 3.jpg

The finals of the Europe & Africa +35 Championship were celebrated today. 

Our skiers, Cristina Medem, Iván Morros, Ana Castañeda and Dani Teixidor all made the podium in their respective categories.

Iván was proclaimed the Champion in +35 slalom. Our hostess, Cristina placed third in +55 slalom. Dani won the Championship in +45 slalom and Ana placed third in tricks

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support and believing in us. It has been tough but worth it to see our team on the podium.

Finally, we would like to thank all of the skiers for coming, the officials for their hard work and our staff for an impeccable job. 

Many thanks.

We will see you at Worlds +35 on 14-18 September



Slalom preliminaries - European & Africa +35 Championships

The slalom preliminaries were held today. The conditions during the day made for several personal bests.

Our skiers, Cristina Medem, Iván Morros and Ana Castañeda have made the finals.

Cristina ran 3.5 buoys at 13 meters for the 2nd seed. Ivan has the top seed with a spectacular score of 1 buoy at 10.25 meters. Ana made the fourth best score, 3 buoys at 16 meters, and is the 4th seed. 

The slalom finals will be held on Sunday.

Let´s go team!!!

First day - European & Africa +35 Championship

Today the Europe & Africa +35 Championships commenced with preliminary rounds of tricks and jump at Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex, where 125 athletes representing 20 countries competed for position in finals, behind the spectacular Ski Nautique 200.

The organization has been recognized as one of the best in the world, and contributed to achieve the results of spectacular jumps and tricks.

Two spanish skiers competing today in tricks, Dani Teixidor and Ana Castañeda, have made the cut and will be present in the finals on Saturday.

Government spokesman of Castilla-La Mancha, Nacho Hernando, the general director of Youth and Sports, Juan Ramón Amores, and the Mayor of Seseña, Carlos Velázquez, are among the public figures supporting the championship.

Seseña´s Councilor, Fernando Ortega, presided over the Opening Ceremony of the Championship which took place at the Center.

Best +35 European & Africa skiers will meet at SW&WC

Best +35 skiers from all over Europe and Africa will meet all together at Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex to participate in the Europe & Africa +35 Waterski Championships to be held August 4th to 7th. 

Over 125 athletes representing more than 20 countries will participate in slalom, tricks, jumps and overall. 

Spain will be represented by team of 6 skiers: Cristina Medem, Iván Morros, Dani Teixidor, Ana Castañeda, Paco Fernández and Alex Sirera.

Preliminaries rounds will take place on August 4th and 5th while the finals of the 3 events will take place Saturday 6th and 7th.

[List of skiers]

Iván Morros gets 2nd at the 2016 Nautique Big Dawg World Tour at SW&WC

Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex hosted this past weekend, the second stop of the 2016 Nautique Big Dawg World Tour presented by O'Brien.

With three stops in USA and one in Seseña, Spain, the Nautique Big Dawg has get to be the +35 worlds waterski premier tour. Skiers from 11 different countries across three continents (Europe, Africa & North America) and Officials from 5 countries, met in Seseña for a place in the final.

In the qualifying rounds, 10.75m was run 9 times and an additional 12 times in the head to head. 

In a final thrilling head to head, Sesena's skier Iván Morros got through three heats and had to ski against the Swiss skier, US resident, Frederik Halt in the finals pairing, same final as in 2015. In a heart attack final Frederik Halt won gold with 2@10.25, leaving the silver medal for Ivan with 1.5@10.25, in his second appearance in the Nautique Big Dawg World Tour.
An emotional moment happened right before the final pairing for the Big Dawg Title. A beautiful Nautique 200 towed through the course an empty ski rope in memory of Andy Mapple and what he achieved in and meant not only to the sport of water skiing but to all those skiers he touch throughout his 30+ year career. It was an extremely special moment in the competition and something we will never forget. 
You can have a look at your pictures at our photographers web Ismael Herrero.

Want to thank all skiers, officials and sponsors for the great support received. Specially thanks to our friend Michael de Mello for the incondicional support and to Nautique for believing in us.


2016 Nautique Big Dawg World Tour

We are happy to announce Sesena Waterski & Wakeboard Complex will host the Ski Nautique Big Dawg World Tour euro 2nd stop on July 2,3 2016.
The Ski Nautique Big Dawg World Tour, the worlds most prestigous waterski series tour, consists of four qualifying events and a series final championship. Qualifying will be West Palm Beach, Miami, Sesena, Spain, July 2/3, Maiden in North Carolina 16/17 July, Rio Lindo California 9/11 September and the final in West Palm Beach Miami 29/9-1/10.

The series is open to slalom skiers 35 years of age or older who have not placed in the top 10 in an Open Professional water ski tournament in the past three years. The Championship will include two rounds of 55 kph record-capable slalom action, followed by a heart pounding, bracketed, 16-skier, head-to-head finals.

Special mention of our best spanish skier ever, our team member, Ivan Morros who performed an awesome 2nd position in this thrilling head to head final last year.

We want to remember the legend of waterski, who passed away last August, our dear friend Andy Mapple, who performed the record of the Big Dawg last summer in Sesena with 5 buoys at 41off. We would like to send all our love to his family and to the whole Waterski World. Good blessed you.

Friday we will host the Seseñas Summer Slalom, an International Ranking list tournament open to all categories. Official Tow Boat of both tournaments will be the Ski Nautique 200.

Final will be Sunday 3rd and we highly recomend you not to miss the opoortunity to watch the best skiers fighting for the first place.

Official photographer will be Ismael Herrero.

Starting list

SW&WC opens the season 2016

We are back, and it is now time to start planning your 2016 ski season. We are happy to announce  that training opens March 5th with Easter holidays around the corner which is a great time to start skiing, relaxing and enjoying life in our beautiful complex. Not only will we be happy to help you with your skiing skills, with a fully stocked pro shop, Waterproof, we are also here to equip you with the latest skis, vests, gloves, handles and swimwear. 

Building on last season´s success, this season we will host 4 tournaments:

. 1 - 2 July Sesena´s Summer Slalom (4rounds)

. 2 - 3 July Nautique Big Dawg World Tour (2 rounds + head to head finals)

. 4 - 7 August +35 European Championships

. 1 - 2 October Sesena´s International Slalom (4rounds)

If you are planning to compete in any or all of the above, please send us your entries early as each competition fills up quickly. Also don't forget to book your practice / training sets during the same time.

Once again during June, July and August we will have our kids courses, for more info and reservations contact us.

Hope to see all of Sesena skiing friends soon.

Book now.

Season 2015 is over

Season is over, we want to thank you all for trusting us one more year. Hope to see you all again next year and to see new faces around.

We will be back in the water March 2016.

This season boats are for sale, if you are interested please send us a message.

We are happy to announce our 2016 Sesena´s Tournament Calendar:

- 1-2 July: Sesena´s Summer Slalom (4 rounds)
- 2-3 July: Nautique Big Dawg World Tour (2 rounds + head to head finals)
- 4-7 August: +35 European Championships
- 1-2 October: Sesena´s International Slalom (4 rounds)

And for 2017, the Youth European Championships (under 14 & under 17).

Now that Christmas is around the corner, surprise your friends and family with a different gift, the Sesena Waterski & Wakeboard Complex Gift Card.

See you in the water.


2015 Waterski World Championships in Mexico

Worlds came to an end.

62 men where whittled down to twelve finalists, Ivan scored 3 @ 10.75 staying a buoy away from the final.

The Women´s field of Slalom Skiers also saw many disappointments in the elimination process, Sandra scored 2 @ 11.25, she missed the finals after a run off (5 skiers for 2 spots).

Unfortunately, Nadine felt prior than expected, hugely disappoint.

Now time for a rest and coming back stronger next year.


2015 OPEN World Waterski Championships

2015 World Waterski Championships started today in Mexico with athletes from 32 countries and 150 skiers.

Spanish team is represented by our team members Iván, Nadine and Sandra.

Both Men and Women´s Slalom semifinals will take place on Thursday 19th. 

Our skiers have been working hard for this tournament, we wish them good luck.


Seseña´s International Slalom

2015 Seseña´s International Slalom is over.

45 skiers from 15 countries skied in this International Calendar Tournament that with a perfect set - up brought us an awesome skiing level and more than 15 PB´s and 2 national Records

Thanks everybody skiing in it. Been great having you all here, you made it worth and big. Congrats to all you running new PB´s.

Thanks all officials coming. Thanks for your amazing work, you made everything look easy.

Special thanks to Nautique for their support and the Nautique 200, best ski boat ever. 

Can´t end without a big shoutout to the Seseña´s team big effort, forgetting about "mañana" to set up a beautifully organized tournament, running everything in time, building a great atmosphere and then jumping in the water. 

Hope to see you all next year´s edition.




European OPEN Championship (Paris)

The European Open Championship took place the third week of August.

The Spanish Federation selected three of our skiers, Sandra, Nadine and Ivan to represent Spain and our International driver, Ricardo Botas, was appointed by the European Federation as one of the official drivers.

In the Slalom final, our skier, Sandra Botas made 3.50 @ 11.25 ending up in 5th position, a buoy from the podium, We want to congratulate her once again, we are really proud of her performance.

Nadine was not able to fight for a place to the final due a judging decision and unfortunately Iván did not pass the cut for the finals.

We are very proud of the whole team, the best is to come.


National LOTTERY

Tuesday 11th August Waterski is the reason of our National Lottery and our team member Iván Morros is the protagonist.

Don´t waste the opportunity to get yours, August 11th at the kiosk.


SPANISH Nationals 2015

Spanish National Championship took place this weekend at Sesena´s Waterski & Wakeboard Complex with great results for our team.

Once again our skiers became Spanish Champions, Iván took the Spanish National Champion title and Sandra became Spanish National Champion after tying with Nadine for the first place.
Cristina became Spanish National Champion in her category. We are very proud of our team.

We want to thank all the judges, and the staff for their hard work and the skiers. The tournament was a succeed of organization and great performances on the water. 
Special thanks to Nautique for supporting us.

Next Stop the European Open (France) where Iván, Nadine and Sandra will compete. 

Good luck!!!


Big Dawg

Seseña Waterski & Wakeboard Complex hosted the second weekend of July, the third stop of the 2015 Nautique Big Dawg World Tour hosted by Obrien.

With three stops in America and one in Sesena, the Nautique Big Dawg has get to be +35 Worlds Waterski Premier Tour. Skiers from 12 different countries across three continents (Europe, Africa and North America) and Officials from 5 Countries, including legendaries names like Andy Mapple met in Sesena for a place in the finals.

In the qualifying rounds, 10.75 was run 8 times by 5 skiers and an additional 9 times in the head to head. 11.25 was run 22 times by 11 skiers.

"Two" new Big Dawg Records - Frederic Halt at 4.5 buoys @ 10.25 in Round 1, only to be superpassed 6 minutes later by Andy Mapple with 5 @ 10.25.

In a final thrilling head to head, Sesena´s skier Ivan Morros got through three heats to tie with Swiss skier, Us resident Frederik Halt, with an impressive buoy @ 10.25. In a heart attack tie- off Fred Halt won gold leaving the silver medal for Ivan in his first appearance in the Nautique Big Dawg.

Want to thank all the skiers, officials and sponsors for the great support received.

Nautique Big Dawg will stop again next year at Sesena´s. Look forward to see you all again.