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"Thank you for an excellent week. I have loved every minute of my stay with you and your family"

-Angela Swain-

"I want to thank you for the hospitality at your lake. Also was more than pleasure to meet and have a contact with Botas family. All of you were very kind with me."

-Vangelis Dedes-

"Thank you to you all for a great few days in Seseña, warm flat water, sunshine and great coaching - muchas gracias"

-Juliet Thompson-

"Good coaching, good place to ski and lots of sun too"

-Ali White-

"We all throughly loved skiing with your lovely family last week"

-Adrian Knowles-

"Really enjoyed skiing at Seseña and thanks for all the tuition. Looking forward to coming again "

-Paul Wells-

"Thanks for the 4 days we were there,  we had a great time and we are already working out when we will be coming out again"

-Hazel Laidlaw-

"It has been a pleasure meeting you and everybody. We enjoyed this weekend very much. We will be back, thank you."

-Monique Alfonsi-

"Les agradezco por los consejos buenísimos sobre mi slalom y espero volver a Botaski pronto."

-Michael Robinson-

"I´m so thankful for having such awesome "ski homes away from home" Lots of love to my spanish family and I´ll see you again in a few days."

-Nicole Baird- 

"We had such a great time guys. Thank you so much to all the Botas family and Ivan. See you soon."

-Ravi Jain- 

"Many thanks to you and your family making me and Lee so welcome at your lake. Big thank you for setting me the ski up.

Ski you soon."

-Chris Trevor-

"Great company, great food, great weather, great skiing. It doesn´t get better than this."

-Marvin Wright- 

"Gracias Seseña´s-WS-team! just spent a beautiful weekend skiing under perfect conditions with expert-pro-coaching, excellent food and the best company in Seseña! I´ll be back soon!!!"

-Robert Kraemer-

"Blue sky, waterski, not to sweet not too heavy Birthday cake (private joke) and great people.. Could be better..? Tks you all."

-Robert Zagorski- 

"Thank you so much for taking so good care of me. You are a fantastic family, sharing your lunch, your knowledge, your passion."

-Hanne Lotte- 

"Big Thanks to Ric, Christina, Nadine, Ivan and Sandra! I had a Great Weekend, I enjoyed it very much!!!! Looking forward to see you all soon again!! Xxx"

-Ronnie Attard- 

"Thank you to Ricardo, Cristina, Nadine, Ivan and Sandra for your help and hospitality this last few days"

-Lee Jackson- 

"Thx so much for a gr8 weekend and your hospitality, always good!
The gang really loved it and will be back for sure on their own or with us."

-Maria Bristol-