Due the big number of skiers, schedule has changed

Schedule [PDF]

Please check the final familiarization schedule, Tuesday tricks & jump from 8:00 to 16:22 and Wednesday slalom from 8:00 to 17:12.

Once the familiarization times are over, the remaining time till Tuesday from 16:30 to 20:00 will be offered on a first come serve basis for tricks and jump and 

Wednesday from 17:30 to 20:00 for slalom.

Training times will be offered and sold in 15 minute intervals. To reserve training slots please mail us and we will let you know availability.

Full on-site catering will be provided for the teams at the lake.
You can buy your meal package (4 lunch meal tickets for 70,00 €) untill July 14th. During the tournament Catering Tickets will be sold at the lake at a cost of 22,50€. You will find the booking form at the end of the bulletin.
We will also have a bar on site opened all day with hot & cold refreshments, sandwiches, ice creams...

Pasta salad
Roast Chicken with potatoes Fresh fruit of the season Bread
Mineral water

FRIDAY 05.08
Mixed Paella
Roast Lamb with vegetables Fruit pudding
Mineral water

Three delights noodles
Meatballs with baby carrots
Fruit salad
Mineral water

SUNDAY 07.08
Country salad
Chicken breast in a lemon sauce with vegetables
Mineral water

Intentions to enter received:

Austria, Portugal, Monaco, South Africa, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Netherland, Germany, Russia, Norway, France, Italy, Georgia, Switzerland, Sweden and Hungary.


130 Slalom skiers
57 Trick skiers
45 Jump skiers

We have the pleasure to invite all Federations to the 2016 Seseña EUROPE & AFRICA +35 Waterski Championships to be held by Seseña's Waterski & Wakeboard Complex (Toledo) from 04 August to 07 August 2016.

We are greatly looking forward to seeing you here.